Lebanon is still one of the countries not served by Amazon, but while e-commerce isn’t very strong here yet, it’s definitely been getting better with new players like HiCart.

I started noticing HiCart’s advertising in late 2017, including radio ads and billboards. I first gave it a try by ordering a $5 iPhone-charging cable. The experience was pretty much flawless, from account creation to online shopping and ordering, online payment, and quick delivery. I was even able to use my American credit card for payment which isn’t always accepted in Lebanon. I tried it again by ordering a $100 microwave and it was delivered within 2 days, so it’s almost next-day delivery. And if you don’t trust them yet with your online payment, you can still do cash on delivery.

What’s good about HiCart is that their prices are pretty competitive. I couldn’t find a cheaper microwave of the same specifications at Carrefour. And right now they have the iPhone X on sale for $1,099 which is the same price as the US store after taxes.

There are a few drawbacks to HiCart at the moment. First, the products often don’t have user reviews, which is expected from a new site. Second, while their collection is pretty large, it’s still not quite Amazon (I couldn’t find undershirts for men or an Xbox), but this is also expected from a new site that’s still actively growing.

I haven’t tested returns yet, but the return policy is explained on their site and it seems pretty good. At this point, I think that HiCart is off to a great start and I welcome them to the Lebanese e-commerce ecosystem.

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